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Our Sponsors

We appreciate each and every one of you!

2Legendary Sports Inc.

2Legendary Sports Inc. was established by Denzel Pettigrew to encompass all of his passions. His love for sports lead him to a career in soccer, where he continues to excel, and will be obtaining his D License this upcoming June. He has always enjoyed staying in shape and working out, which lead him to college, and the career of personal training to help others achieve their fitness goals. His passion for clothes, especially sports clothing, is what drives the creation of his stylish and versatile clothing line for varying types of athletes. All three of these things are what makes 2legendary what it is. Its ultimate goal is to provide it's clients with head-turning results!

May's Senior Living Center

May's Senior Living Center has been apart of the Milwaukee community since 2005.  It serves as a home for the developmentally disabled taking in 4 people at a time so that each person can get the attention and care that they need.

Darrell Hines Ministries

Darrell Hines Ministries is the global evangelistic ministry that has been instrumental in affecting people of various ethnic, social and economic affiliations. His evangelistic journey encompasses travel throughout the U.S., and around the world. Bishop Hines is the Jurisdictional Bishop of the Illinois Midwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (COGIC) while serving as member of the General Board of the COGIC, Reverend Hines, is widely recognized for his cutting-edge preaching, and message of salvation and hope, and is heard via various mediums. His notoriety as a singer/psalmist resulted in a Stellar Award nomination for his musical debut “Darrell Hines Live”.

First Place Dentistry

FIRST PLACE DENTISTRY is committed to high quality service through a contemporary team approach to providing a comprehensive dental and aesthetic treatment, empowering our patients with knowledge, utilizing the latest advancements in the art & science of dentistry for achieving optimal dental health and enhancing each patient's natural beauty to the ultimate aesthetic results.

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