Host Family Program

Make an impact for a player and the community

Host Family Program

Playing for a professional soccer team can be a great opportunity for a young soccer player but sometimes these teams are located far away from the player's hometown which makes their dreams seem unattainable.  For this reason, we have started a host family program to give players from out of town an opportunity to play on our team.  Host families help us to expand the reach of our team and allows players from all over the world the chance to play professionally, where in other conditions would be nearly impossible for them.  The host family program allows players the opportunity to get to know the city, have a place to call home, and build a  long lasting relationship with the people they live with.  

How to become a host family

If you are interested in becoming a host family for the Brew City Legends team, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

As a host family there are no fees or expenses, you just must be able to provide a few things for the player.  A host family must be able to supply a bedroom with a bed for the player, that is safe and well maintained.  A host family must also provide a place for the player to cook a meal or store food or is more than welcome to cook meals for the player.  In return, the host family would get into season games for free and each member of the family would receive a free Brew City Legends FC t-shirt.

The player would be responsible for their own spending money and gear for the season.

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