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Brew City Legends FC

Brew City Legends FC is a new pro indoor soccer team and Wisconsin's 1st pro Futsal team started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It was founded by Denzel Pettigrew, the first African American pro indoor soccer owner.  Its inaugural season begins in the winter of 2018.  Brew City Legends is part of the midwest division in the PASL.

  Brew City Legends was formed as an extension to 2Legendary Sports Inc, a personal training company.  The goal of this team is to help develop soccer in Milwaukee and provide an outlet for those talented players to reach a professional level.  It's ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between exhibition soccer and professional soccer as well as give back to the community and help kids learn about the sport of soccer.

2Legendary Sports is proud to offer this team to the Milwaukee community.  Denzel Pettigrew is the owner of both companies and has always had a passion for the game of soccer.

He plays professionally and plans to start playing for the Brew City Legends in their upcoming inaugural season.